On this week’s episode of Requity Insights, we go over the 3 biggest risks when buying an RV Park and Campground. With many new investors and business owners stepping into the space, its important to highlight the things that can easily make or break your property. Some people are stuck asking questions like “Why is my RV Park not performing?” or “Why is my return on investment so low?”, well we are here to give some much-needed information on this topic!

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Key notes:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:01:25 – Buying in an undesirable location can affect you negatively.

00:03:05 – Staying close to MSA to help with retention.

00:05:50 – Purchasing a property with poor infrastructure can hurt you.

00:06:33 – Planning and zoning your campground.

00:10:10 – Buying in an over-supplied area can hurt you.

00:13:55 – Summary/Outro

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