Mobile home parks are beginning to become an all-star topic on this podcast and we love it! Behind every all-star park is an all-star owner / operator. Today we had the chance to sit down and discuss all things MHC with Todd Sulzinger as well as other huge topics like syndication and market climates.Todd gives us his story on how he moved from a 401k job to owning mobile home parks and becoming the CEO of Blue Elm Investments.  

Todd talks with us about growth of today's market, the competitiveness of deals that are on the table. He shares with us the inner workings of Blue Elm Investments and how it equally benefits residents and investors. In this podcast we talk with Todd in order to understand new fundamentals and execute better. Listen close, this episode will help new and experienced owners, operators or passive investors make the right decisions.

A little bit about our guest,

Todd is the CEO of Blue Elm Investments, a private equity real estate firm based in San Francisco. Todd is a former Silicon Valley finance executive turned real estate investor, currently with a heavy focus on mobile home parks. Blue Elm stabilizes neglected, underperforming mobile home parks to increase the availability of safe, clean, and affordable housing for their residents, while offering their investors a strategic way to diversify their portfolios. Todd is the co-author of Success Habits of Super Achievers, a #1 Amazon bestseller with tips and inspiring stories to accelerate your success.

Take a look at some of the topics in this interview

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:38 - Todd Start
  • 05:06 - Todd’s change to syndication
  • 10:15 - The climate of today's market
  • 19:50 - Competitiveness of deals
  • 26:45 - Testing & evaluating the market
  • 32:35 - Painful lesson you will learn from
  • 36:26 - Todd’s advice to investors

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