On this week’s episode of Requity Inisghts, we got to sit down with the CEO of ARVC, Paul Bambei. We recently visited the Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo and found our experience there to be extremely valuable, so we thought “Why not sit down with the individual who created it all”, to get the full inside scoop. During this episode we speak briefly on OHCE and ARVC as a whole before going into a more in-depth presentation by Paul about the state of the RV Industry. We were able to get an inside look at the outdoor recreation economy, what percentage of GDP it accounts for, and camper demographics. Paul also touches on where the market is expected to head in the future and what to expect in the industry.

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Key notes:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:01:09 – What is ARVC?

00:01:52 – Paul’s Introduction

00:07:00 – State of The RV Industry Slideshow

00:27:12 – The Future of the RV Industry

00:30:52 – Biggest Threats and How to Combat Them

00:38:12 – Benefits of Being an Owner & Operator

00:41:19 – Annual vs Short-term trends

00:50:15 – Tips to Remain Relevant in the Campground Space

00:53:19 – Demands of the New Camping Demographic

01:06:11 – Outro

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