The Requity Group is a vertically integrated real estate private equity firm dedicated to building great investor relationships and generating above-average returns. The idea with this new channel, Requity Insights, is to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we do in the alternative real estate space. Our goal is to share our journey to 100 world-class communities through experiences that have educated us and helped us to grow within the investing space. We will be covering everything from acquisitions to market updates and even tips and tricks for developing a successful management company.

We're very excited to show you guys a more in-depth look at our operations. What talking points would you like us to cover next?

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Key notes:

00:00:00 -- Introduction

00:01:51 -- Dylan's Journey

00:05:45 -- The attraction to Real Estate

00:07:15 -- Mentors within the syndication industry

00:10:27 -- Evolution of The Requity Group

00:12:21 -- Why alternative investing?

00:14:28 -- Our portfolio journey

00:15:42 -- Risk in Multifamily VS Mobile Home

00:20:22 -- Keys to our rapid success

00:22:10 – Outro

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Dylan Marma

Luis Valez

The Requity Group

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