On this week’s episode of Requity Insights, we discuss the difference of risk and volatility in the investing space. We were inspired to do a show on this after reading the Oak Tree Capital’s Co-Chairman Howard Mark’s memo titled “What Really Matters”. We will discuss the pro’s and con’s of investing in real estate with a short-term rental component and how to navigate the market to make sure you’re making the best investment decisions. We also touch on fluctuations in the market, how to claim ownership within your investment, and diversifying your portfolio. Let us know your biggest take away from this episode.

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Key notes:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:00:53 – Howard Marks Inspiration

00:01:32 – Are Howard Mark’s questions Echoed?

00:04:26 – Beliefs in the Short Term

00:05:33 – Short-term Events that May cause Fluctuation

00:10:35 – Claiming Ownership within the Investor Space

00:14:21 – How Vertical Integration Helps for the Long Term

00:25:25 – The Importance of a Long-term Strategy

00:31:50- – Risk Adjusted Returns

00:43:27 – Stepping into Diverse Markets

00:55:34 – Outro

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