Acquiring multiple asset classes can be beneficial even outside of profits, it could sharpen your knowledge and network. Logan D Freeman, is the man that likes to know the ins and outs of everything dealing from multifamily to commercial. We get to pick his brain to see his tips to making the best of every business endeavor. We cover office space, retail properties, multifamily and various commercial properties. Get those notepads out, we have a lot to cover!

A little bit about our guest,

Logan Freeman is a commercial real estate agent, developer, investor and capital raiser. He represents buyers and sellers of multifamily and commercial properties. He sources cash flowing properties for investors through creativity, networking, and work-ethic which has developed into a proven strategy to win.

In 2019 He completed over $35M worth of acquisitions and helped over 10 out of state

investors actively purchase commercial real estate investments. In 2020, he doubled that and in 2021 him and his team completed over $90M in CRE transactions

Take a look at some of the topics in this interview

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:40 – Logan’s start
  • 11:11 – Natural born leader or taught?
  • 15:00 – First time starting blindspots
  • 31:55 – Key things to know  when looking at Investments
  • 34:20 – Office space or Retail?
  • 37:49 – 10 year business plan

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